Complex viable human.


Ontological Design and Methodology Dev.

Given this personal website is intended as a form of public interface I'll try to be as straight forward as I can with the philosophical impasse of "beingness" or the spiritual non-sequiter of "identity"; phrasing my answer in a creative way I tend to describe myself as a generalised specialist working the dials of spaceship earth to help us navigate hazards of the anthropocene.

Personally speaking I've embarked on (and am deeply committed to) an inner search which has thus far led to the discovery of many expressive capacities; art, music, poetry and creative writing. Having experienced and found so much within myself already, I notice and percieve things that most people don't pickup on. Consequentially I have a deep need to hang around and work with interesting and intelligent people who help fulfill my primitive desire for novelty and flow.

At times, I can appear to be an etreamly cerebral cat and I've been told that this can seem intelecutally intimidating - despite the fact that I actually hold a pretty low bar. I'm often exploring epistemic models like semantics, pragmatics and general systematics. Discovering new domains of science (rational knowlege) and philosophy (emperical wisdom) are general passions and I love to juggle the most abstract symbol systems I can possibly find. These engagements have helped me develop some prety interesting noetic capabilities that I can call on to make sense of disperate and unfamilliar fields. Ordo ab Chao.

My world view is requires a lot of paradexterity to comprehend. This gets called many things but nearly always contradicts itself (such as 'the tao which cannot be named'). It's maximally minimal and minimally maximal, openly skeptical, inter-subjective, lovingly protective and often considered heretical. Some writing that I've enjoyed which embodies the flavour well can be found at

Climbing down form the meta-mental and showing up as an embodied being here on earth though; I enjoy various forms of coordinated movements, excersises and myofascial mobilisations. In particular; board-sports, dancing, circus arts, swimming, surfing, playing musical instruments and long walks on the beach/mountains!

My background has been trecherous; I've been the English person in Ireland and the Irish person in England. I don't like the tribalism of in/out groups yet admit the necessity of flags in a world thats still dealing with its neo-colonialist issues... In other words, when the aliens come I'll cease to identify as a citizen of earth and elect myself as a cosmic orphan.

Actually... given we're all connected as part of a giiiiiiant autopoietic network called "life" (that is cognizient and conscious on every level); I might as well cease to identity at all! ✨